Ketchup and… ?!

It’s been awhile to say the least. I was busy teaching summer school and being a “Lymie” as my hubs calls me. The summer has felt like it’s gone on forever, but it also feels like it flew by. Anyone out there understand what I’m saying or am I just speaking gibberish?

Let’s “ketchup” or catch up as some might say…

We’ve had a deck attached to the back of the house since I moved in here about five years ago. It’s a little ricketty, but mostly, just too small. {Un}comfortably, three people can sit at the table while one is cooking at the grill. Doesn’t make company feel very welcomed. So while we’ve been waiting for the carpenter who is going to do our kitchen (he’s on another job, his own house), we got the bug to redo our deck. Well I should say, Hubs got the bug to tear it down and pay a buddy to rebuild a bigger and better one.

Here’s a before shot:


Izzi is being helpful as usual. She’s saying ,”Come on, Ma. Put the camera down and fill up my pool!”

Here’s an in process shot, with my little man Axl:


The deck itself is done, but I’m still waiting for some finishing touches. So far, we’ve spent many nights just hanging out. It’s larger than our living room and dining room put together, basically doubling our living space when the weather is enjoyable.

Until next time…

(which will only be a few minutes)


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