Pinterest Execution

I’m sure I’m not the only one. Do you pin ideas over and over, but never actually try them out? Well, with the time I have on my hands this summer I decided to get busy. I’m also trying to be money conscious. By choosing projects that I already have most of the materials, I am saving money.

I’ve had this blank wall in the family room for years. I finally decided to use an old Ikea frame that’s been sitting in the basement and walaa! Each heart is a picture of a map of places my hubby and I have visited together. Simple, but cute.

love travels

love travels

Our back door is a definite eye sore. I hang a winter wreath, but I’ve never put anything up for the summer. Wreathes always seem to be so expensive, so I decided to make my own. This project did cost me $47, which is a lot for a wreath. BUT, I have materials leftover for another project. I bought everything at Michaels.



This was also my first experience stenciling. I’ve often thought about stenciling a focus wall in the living room, but for now, one letter was enough!

Until the next project….


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